New York University professor and staunch bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini is threatening to sue BitMEX, a global cryptocurrency exchange.

The renowned economist lambasted Arthur Hayes, co-founder & CEO of BitMEX, for releasing a doctored video of a debate featuring the two. He alleged that Hayes, who owns the rights to the footage, neither permitted the organizers of the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei to stream the discussion live nor allowed the audience to record it. Hayes instead kept the video under wraps and tweaked it to fit a pro-bitcoin narrative before issuing it to media. The allegations read:

“Arthus Hayes is the biggest a***ole, jerk, manipulator, and criminal in the world. He is sending to select media a doctored edited highlights video of the debate to make me look bad cutting off all my points. I will sue them. This is sick criminal behavior. Will not pass you, coward.”

A Vulgar Standoff

A transcript of the debate published by Mike Dudas of the Block revealed a rather crude standoff between Roubini and Hayes, wherein both exchanged ‘below-the-pants’ insults. Roubini accused the BitMEX CEO of running a “sick and wrong” cryptocurrency exchange that engages in insider trading, avoids regulatory protocols, and tricks unaccredited investors into losing millions of dollars.

“These people don’t give a shit about anything […] they make money off gambling,” Roubini criticized.

In his response, Hayes clarified that BitMEX remains a regulated platform under the laws of Seychelles. The CEO criticized Roubini for making personal remarks, adding that it is not something a professor of a reputable institution should do on a public platform. Hayes went on responding to Nouriel’s claims wherein he accused BitMEX of bribing the Seychelles authorities to run their so-called scam, stating:

“Roubini may think that NYAG and NYDFS is the only game in town, and we should take a** fucking from them. I got out of that situation. I don’t think everyone needs to follow the US.”

Post Debate

A day after the debate, Roubini took Hayes on Twitter for controlling the only recording of the discussion. The economist claimed that he had emerged as a winner, which is why a “coward” Hayes refrained from releasing the full tape.

“He didn’t allow the blockchain conference to record our debate or beam it live,” said Roubini on July 3. “He controls the only recording of it and will only release heavily edited “highlights”. I destroyed Hayes in the debate and he is hiding. RELEASE THE TAPE, YOU COWARD!”

BitMEX released a teaser video of the debate on Sunday, reflecting upon a narrative that showcased Roubini in a rather irritating mood and using the term “shitcoins” over and over again. On the other hand, the video portrayed Hayes as a more relaxed participant, throwing away a few smirks in response to Roubini’s criticism.

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